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People in America may not know this but people in low income countries:

  • People don’t have medical supplies
  • Most people have to walk  miles to get to the closest hospital
  • People can’t afford soap
  • Some people can’t  supply things for there new born babies.

I’m collecting supplies for global links to donate to low income countries.

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Global links is an organization that donates every day supplies that countries like Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia etc that can’t afford it. Sometimes in those countries they can’t afford medical supply.
The global links staff make yearly visits to the nine program countries, to meet the local health authorities, medical personnel, and Pan American Health Organization officials. This is one way how we assure that the donations we got would be appropriate and useful.

These are some of the things that they look for.

Personal Care                      Baby Care

Shampoo                                Baby clothes
Combs                                    Baby combs
Sanitary pads                          Baby hats
Gauze pads                             Diaper bags
Sponges                                  Baby wash clothes
Rolls                                       Diaper cream
Soap                                        Receiving blankets
Tooth brushes                         Infant diapers
Lotion                                     New born diapers
Baby powder
Band aids

How can you help?  Gather items from the list above, and email me and we’ll come pick them up.

Thank You!!!


Hello Others!!!!

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